Leading Queensland Building Contractor

John Foster Projects is a leading Central and North Queensland building contractor of commercial, residential and industrial construction. Established in Mackay in 1993, we have been offering building services to the Central and North Queensland regions for almost a quarter century.

We pride ourselves on our decades of of building experience, diverse professional networks, financial stability, and our strong team of executives who are dedicated to delivering your project’s objectives – from the ground up.

Our services include:

  • Design and construction (D&C)
  • Traditional contracts
  • Construction management
  • Insurance works
  • Building services and professional advice
  • Complex residential projects
  • Property and building maintenance

We maintain standards through independent certifications on Quality (ISO 9001) and Safety (AS4801). John Foster Projects is one of a select group of companies meeting the accreditation standards of the Australian Office of Federal Safety.

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AS-NZS 4801
ISO 9001