Financial Stability and Excellent Staff

John Foster Project’s strong financial management allows the company to operate without an overdraft facility utilizing cash reserves to fund daily operations. The company has sound financial management with the same management team and banker for over 20 years. With almost a quarter century of experience in the competitive construction environment, we attribute our substantial success to our unique staff and financial stability. John Foster has always selected staff with high technical abilities and excellent communication skills. Developing and maintaining good communication within the organisation and with clients is a high priority for the John Foster Projects team. Our executive management are actively involved in all projects, ensuring the construction process runs smoothly. Our experienced team and their commitment to delivering the best quality service is what sustains our continuous success in today’s competitive construction environment.

Quality Assurance

John Foster Projects’ Quality Assurance and Risk Management Plans outline procedures across all project phases. A compliance strategy is integrated across the whole business, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations and satisfying the expectations of project stakeholders. We maintain quality standards through independent ISO 9001 certification. A regular structured, periodic review process is in place, together with an independent Quality Assurance Auditor, delivering effective mitigation and improvisation. Internal quality systems ensure strategic and commercial decision-making is aligned to meet and regularly exceed statutory requirements.

Healthy and Safety

John Foster Projects’ number one priority is the safety of its employees, subcontractors, clients and the public. We maintain safety standards through independent AS/NZS 4801 certification. John Foster Projects is one of a select group of companies meeting the accreditation standards of the Australian Office of Federal Safety. In August 2015 John Foster Projects achieved re-accreditation for a further 3-year period. John Foster Projects develops and maintains a comprehensive OH&S plan for every project undertaken based on the principles of risk management and consultation.

  • Mercy College Multi-Purpose Hall
  • ABC Radio Station
  • Mackay Base Hospital - Sundry Works
  • Curry Units - Mackay Harbour